Paris views all around our Montmartre area apartment

We walked all day yesterday and again in the evening, the perfect activity after what Kevin called the “sardine horror” of our flights over. Let’s face it, there’s less and less room for regular folks on planes these days. But we’re here, and voila! Our adventure begins.

Our foyer, and my favorite hats!

Beautiful morning. Kevin enjoys reading and napping.

Exploring my iPhone camera and light and dark, “at home”

City view with beautiful sky

A luscious market scene

Building and geraniums, my favorite cityscape flower. I don’t care how ubiquitous they are; they always make me smile.

City vignette

A little study in scale

A more moderne spot than many, near the Moulin Rouge

Another street and sky view. I love them!

A beautiful spot

The same quiet side street, with a low-key, chic restaurant at its end that we’ll go to again

Local wildlife

More local bounty

City scene and darkening daylight sky. Rain threatens but doesn’t come. Too bad. We’re ready to walk in it!

Intriguing view through an iron gate

A quintessential view. I’m FASCINATED today by the juncture between city and sky!

A great spot near the Canal St. Martin that I’ll feature after our next visit there

Another view…

Another view…

Another view…

Yes, it’s Les Enfants Perdus,, incredible, fresh food, lively conversation. More on this beautiful establishment soon…

Beautiful, and empty at 10:30pm. (Notice that it’s just getting dark.) Maybe it’s a workers’ lunchtime hangout.

Crepe maker and arguing couple

The shouting match continues. Kevin just wants his crepe!

Gare du Nord train station with its gorgeous addition, an unexpected glowing “jewel” on our night walk. I’ll have to find out who designed it and when.

I still want to get a better picture of it and its context.


And at this moment I feel like taking a break from experiencing our new adventure through the lens of preparing for my next post. I especially want to use some of this luxurious leisure to explore the beautiful French language, getting beyond nodding and smiling a lot while Kevin does all the talking. We’ve already had some wonderful conversations with local folks. I want more of that, actual connection with the fascinating people around us. We’ll see! The unknown beckons, and I’m valuing every minute of it.  Meanwhile, bonne journee, mes chers!