On communicating with your children… here’s how!

Check out this fantastic article from Next Element’s West Coast Business Development Associate, Kia Imandel: How to Effectively Communicate With Your Children.”

It illustrates core principles of the Process Communication Model that have had a huge impact on my approach to teaching and to personal relationships, even enhancing my relationships with my grown children, the wild, wonderful Young bros. Though they’re in many ways a lot alike, they each actually perceive the world in completely different ways, and I get that now. I can use that understanding to connect with them in ways that work for them and are satisfying to us all.

As a self-professed “student of the human condition”, I’m not new to communication/ relationship training and exploration. Trust me: the Process Communication Model is powerful. Give Kia’s piece above a relaxed read. Take some notes. Try the coaching. And let me or the talented Next Element team know how it goes!

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