Yes, Paris changes you… BEFORE you arrive!

My countdown to Paris is heating up, with 24 busy days to go before our departure from L.A. And already its “moveable feast” is affecting my thinking, my choices, my mood: dressing down, or dressing up? Cocktail, or wine? Big mug of coffee on the run, or small dose of strong, milky brew in porcelain? Great, silky-soft fabrics, instead of more utilitarian work-mode garb… lingering, instead of my usual get-it-done-yesterday tempo this season. Walking there. Food-shopping as its own feast of the senses. Meeting at an outdoor cafe. Smelling the roses. (I have more than thirty venerable old rose bushes that I’m habitually too busy to enjoy.) Maybe these are just romantic notions–I was only there for eight days with Kevin four years ago–that I’ll feel differently about once we get there, or after our month-long immersion experience based in the Montmartre district.

But today, my growing anticipation’s effect on me is a blast that blasts me out of tired habits, beautifying my approach to my beautiful everyday life, a way of beginning the experience already, as in NOW, 24 busy days early. C’est fantastique!

And what summer adventure are you anticipating? Please, do share, mon chéri!

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