Healthy living today: eat breakfast!

Are you one of those folks who skips breakfast? Too rushed? Too sleepy? Too late? Of the why bother, I’ll just wait ilk? Well, take a second to reconsider.

Simple analogy: food is our fuel, and running our “transport systems” without it is only practical temporarily before problems set in. We know what to do. Feed the engine!

I’ve learned, with little morning appetite myself, to have a few satisfying, healthy bites proactively in the morning. My goal is to eat something before I’m surprised–and not in a good way–by the sudden realization that my blood sugar has dropped and my “engine” has gone from cruising to fatigue and that uh oh feeling. Once I get there I know I may be playing catch-up to that higher energy level for the rest of the day without succeeding. So, yes, be proactive

A good crunchy cereal or granola is one healthy, satisfying choice, with beautiful fresh berries or banana slices and a little low-fat milk, soy almond milk, vanilla rice milk, etc., whatever makes you happy. Then there’s the quick boiled eggs and toast version, with a little butter for satiety and a bit of delicious jam or apple butter. Nice, and easy. (And you will burn those morning carbs if your day is active.)

And do avoid the ubiquitous fast food breakfast if you can; it’s best to be able to consciously choose your quantities and proportions of protein, fats, carbs and salt, and to engage in a little “me time” in the midst of all the “we time” we spend taking care of and being present to others. So, however briefly, try lovingly preparing something lovely for yourself. Think extraordinary self-care. Then keep up the good work with consistent “fuel stops” throughout the day so you never get famished. Go for it. You deserve it.

And what’s your go-to healthy breakfast in the midst of it all? Please, do share, and enjoy!

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