Changin’ My Changeable Mind

A little chat with my “monkey mind”

I’ve been feelin’ good and bad
as usual,
ping-pongin’ like mad
as usual,
in my constant emotional reaction to life
as usual.
After all, we are
creatures of habit!
I could be in paradise
and maybe I’d be complainin’,
why I’ve got every right
to be blue.
But we can change, too!
I’m readin’ The Hand, about the discovery of Lucy,
who lived 3 million years ago
or so
with her human hand,
chimp-sized brain
and biped frame. 
I’m grokking what we learned with Lucy:
that we do change,
that truly we evolved
through our use of tools
So what shall I use?

Shouldn’t need anything.
Look around you, girl.
Life’s beautiful.
Laugh, love, create your way through it.
Just do it,
whatever it is!
Grok the fullness.

Maybe a mantra?

Grok the fullness.
Slip down deep, unwind,
eat well, clear your mind.
Walk, laugh,
bathe, create;
love, look,
in you,
in life,
in love.

Yes. OK.
Here I go.
I’ll let you know.
Grok the fullness.