Healthy “happiness” ritual: chocolate!

Someone wise once told me that dessert should be three amazing bites, as any taste sensation is sharpest at first and then recedes to a lessened experience of truly tasting what we’re eating. I found it to be true, annoyingly so at first. But these days I’ve embraced it as a way to always enjoy what I love!

My once-a-day dessert ritual is one square of really good chocolate a little while after I’ve had a light dinner still designed for satiety. More on that soon. Meanwhile, here are some stats using the product in my photo. It’s 72% cacao, which for me is the right density, intensity, and sweetness. The serving size is considered three sections, at 200 calories total, but I only have one exquisite square, slowly savoring every amazing bite. So the calorie count is 67. Fantastic for a tiny potent package of happiness, yes? I’m not into caffeine, though I love my decaf coffee, and I don’t have sleep issues from these few luscious bites if I don’t wait too late to enjoy them. 

And like good red wine, quality dark chocolate has health benefits. Try my one-square ritual if you love chocolate and have been denying yourself that pleasure, and make yourself happy! And what’s your pleasure that’s so sane it’s guilt-free? Do share!