Healthy-living move: WALK. (Mom, you, too!)

Yes! Walking is SO good for us, and was always my mom’s–and now my–preferred form of exercise. It’s natural for us humans, right? No equipment, special training or gym fees required. Just keep some favorite walking shoes with good arch support handy and, at any opportunity, grab ’em and GO!

And I’m past shyness about any and all favorite electronics accompanying me. What can I say? I’m a 21st century multi-tasker who loves all my smart devices. Just be smart with them. The truth is, you really can listen to music and note bright ideas that occur to you, or talk on the phone (great for kicking up the walk’s cardio-benefits), but be in a protected area for that stuff, right? 

In the realm of healthy choices as lifestyle, rather than an approach to eating and exercise that may be “good for us” but really not enjoyable and thus not sustainable (rebound weight gain is a huge issue for “dieters” and worsens with repetition), walking is BEAUTIFUL. Seek out peaceful, fresh-air, sweet-smelling spots near home or work, and get yourself there. Make time: even an energetic 20 minutes regularly. You deserve it.

And of course skip the elevator, etc. Especially if you’re at a desk most of the day, find ways to keep movin’. It’s good for you in every respect, including concentration. Need to grab a few things at the big store with the big parking lot? Park as far away as you have time for and rev yourself in there. (No distracting gadgets in hand then, my dears.) And keep in mind that regular walking, like a regular practice of staying hydrated, keeps our metabolism firing on all pistons, and our immune systems love both, too. Enjoy!

And let me know: what’s your killer healthy-living strategy?