Eat healthy… today!

Let’s do it! Remember to snag small bites periodically throughout the day to avoid getting famished. Keep them healthy and fresh, like little tapas, adding periodic enjoyment and fuel to your day. Some yummy daily eats for me on the go include: 

  • a little creamy Greek yogurt with a sliced banana (add a sprinkling of nuts or crunchy cereal if you have them on hand and a swirl of honey if it makes you happy)
  • a little container of quinoa with herbs or super-fresh tabbouleh from the deli counter
  • a crunchy fruit or vegetable like an apple or carrot (I go for the “apple-a-day” maxim)
  • a low-cal, high-fiber protein bar

And more tips for today:

  • don’t forget to sip fresh water to keep your metabolism stimulated
  • keep yummy supplies like the ones above on hand as an act of extraordinary self-care (I’m never without a supply of fiber bars, trying different brands and keeping it to one per day)
  • eat most of your carbs during the day while you’re active, within your nutritious breakfast and lunch, always balancing them with proteins
  • if you must get a fast food fix, make it a fun little guilty-pleasure bite like a simple double hamburger (nice ratio of protein to carbs) rather than fries

And let me know what works well for busy YOU!