Finding balance… losing… seeking…

It’s been a wild phase that took my healthy-living routine way out of balance in the midst of my last post on, of all things, extraordinary self-care. The pendulum swings, yes? Evidence of the yin and yang of all things, no matter how temporarily perfectly zen or inspired we are. And so what? Trying to find balance is a step in the right direction, and failing in that, or losing it, is just another fascinating phase in our journeys of self-discovery. 

I found this yellowed index card in an old book the night before I was to leave my parents’ home in Florida last month and laid it out on the kitchen counter to show my mom and snap a couple of photos. (This represents growth from the old days of my youth when I would have just… well, you know…)

I love the fact that it was carefully typed by my mother in a reflective season of her life, and has now been restored to her and delivered virtually to me as a new gift in mine. So, yes: to find one’s way, to lose one’s way… two sides of the same coin, perhaps. And the coin? Living fully, maybe. On the court, in the game, not afraid to walk, to run, to make a decision, to think and listen and look. To act!

So, as my reflection time here is a significant pleasure for me, my absence for more than a period of days is indication of a loss of balance. And I’ll be working on that. In the midst of some wild times I’ve stayed focused on my weight-loss and healthy-living goals, and I’ll continue writing here in that vein next. Maybe, in fact, balance is sometimes first declared, then expressed with the same rigor as a healthy-eating and exercise plan. We’ll see! I’ll keep you posted. And please feel free to do the same with me, as we support one another on these beautiful, maddeningly multi-layered 21st Century paths of ours.

’til soon…