Red Carpet Green Dress!

RCGD Founder Suzy Amis Cameron with James Cameron in 2010

If you’re sustainability-savvy, there’s extra buzz for you in Oscars weekend as Suzy Amis Cameron’s Red Carpet Green Dress initiative styles its third year of eco-science-meets-the-ultimate-Hollywood-glam-fest. Brilliant!

Suzy is busy walking her talk as an environmental activist intent on making a difference to the planet. More than 250 designers from all over the world submitted dress designs to this year’s contest, and the amazed winner is Valentina Delfino, a young Venezuelan designer based in Miami. Valentina’s passion for sustainability met her fashion identity powerfully to make today her most exciting day ever! Her gown will be worn on the red carpet by Missi Pyle, supporting actress for The Artist. Missy is clearly passionate about sustainability, too, saying, “It is an incredible honor for me to walk the most glamorous red carpet in the world in such a stunning and meaningful dress.” 

I’m proud to share this initiative, with its “whole earth” values, deeply innovative approach, and role supporting more of Suzy’s committed work, including green MUSE School CA, founded by Suzy and her sister Rebecca Amis, where I’m privileged to teach music and explore how the Arts can illuminate sustainability values.

Catch the winning dress during red carpet coverage, 7pm/6pm/4pm EST/CST/PST. Beautiful, in more ways than one!