Celebrating the Young Brothers

I’ll probably be in hot water with the Young brothers for this one, though they’re so busy they may not notice, but the moment has come to celebrate them. And not as the groovy boys they were to raise, but as the got-it-goin’-on guys they are these days.

Multi-instrumentalist/bandleader/recording engineer Taylor Young

Truth is I’m thinking and talking a lot about my three grown sons in my work with creative kids this season. In a conversation with a colleague on safe boundaries, I flash on Colin’s total lack of caution and all his cheerful, bloody emergency room visits. While being present to an anxious parent, I recall Taylor’s “old soul” calm and personal values that saw him through tough times. And with a shy, determined child, I remember Aaron’s contemplative barrier-buster temperament from way back in his artist/athlete past. My ability to really hear children and see who they are is hard won, as I was schooled while trying to “mold” the Young bros. I came to understand that they’ve each always been who they are and always will be, because… well… that’s who they are.

Vocalist/drummer/bandleader/frontman Colin Young

Vocalist/drummer/bandleader/frontman Colin Young

In addition to coaching grownups on all kinds of passion-based goals, I work with private music students of all ages, including kids and young people sponsored by savvy parents. These moms and dads are busy balancing suburban, urban, creative, holistic, and business values. Meanwhile, Taylor and Colin are livin’ the life as touring musicians and recording artists. Their hardcore music has dark images and language, so I don’t reference it in my music-mentor world. And that’s where we are right now, they on their creative paths and I on mine. Meanwhile, I celebrate them, their skills, tenacity, collaborative cooperation and energy, promotional abilities… where did they get it all? Teach me!

Writer Aaron Young

And eldest Aaron is a bloodhound for the real, the deep, the human, the evolutionary. Part artist, part scientist, and proud, inspired father, he jams on projects that promise a more sustainable future for all of us. May he get an energy jolt from this shout-out in the midst of the intensity that he generates daily!

I’ll catch that intense focus in a little girl at the piano, see how small she is, how bright and determined. I’ll flash on how quickly childhood flies by, and I’m instantly comforted by how precious it all is now, too, the joy of swapping creative obsessions with the Young bros and hearing what’s new in their action-packed lives.

So today and every day I want them and everyone to know how proud I am of them, proud to be their mama, and grateful to their amazing dad who parented them with me—and still does—in his own quietly brilliant, down-home way. It’s working, Dan! Not according to this or that standard, timeline of yours or mine, or Hallmark card, but according to them. And that’s worth celebrating.