Synchronicity studies: celebrating 2/4/12!

I’m enjoying the fact that folks are enjoying my number! Visitors accessed my site on January 24th just to see if I wrote something. It was a fun first for me! And today, 2/4, it happened again. So after a busy teaching day–Saturdays are full-on work days for me–and some great Mexican food with Kevin, I’m landing here to share a couple of synchronicities with you. 

This morning I rushed out to print glossy flyers for my upcoming student recital. I ran into some unexpected self-service glitches and was gifted by that always amazing rarity: extraordinary customer service rendered without request, much less demand. A dignified young man made sure I got home to my first student on time, credited me for some pricy color mistakes that were mine, and just generally represented his place of business in a way that any entrepreneur hopes (and often begs) for when dependent on others to leave an unforgettably great impression on customers.

As we finished up in a rush he noted an image on my flyer, “ah, drums!” “Yeah, we’ll have some fun.” “Oh, cool, I’m a drummer.” “Really? Two of my sons are!” “Nice! What do you teach?” And on a little further, quickfire. We exchanged cards in a mutual unspoken decision that the moment mattered, and I got out of there. Running to my car, I read double-bass technique on his card and instantly knew that he and my sons have kindred musical moorings. I sent a fast “great to connect with you and thanks again!” text that he replied to, added a quick list of my sons’ collaborations, asked his teaching rates as I often need to know, and shared info on my son Taylor’s local recording studio. Effortless new connection, and fun. It’s the kind of flow that makes my day.

And I received an email recently from a young friend currently far from her L.A. home, in graduate school at Yale studying environmental architecture. Alisa May has also been making art forever, and her email announced a special show to commemorate MLK, Jr. Day that would include a painting of hers.

This small image doesn’t do justice to the piece, with quotes from Dr. King’s landmark addresses woven through it. Turns out she’s been doing other thematic projects: political cartoons illuminating an environmental article, a book cover for a sustainability resource that I’ll share with you when complete. And of course she didn’t know that Kevin and I have been beginning to plan a cover design for the groovy ’60s coming-of-age novel that he’ll self-publish soon on Amazon. So now Alisa is on it, in the midst of everything else she’s juggling, as she’s in the habit of saying yes! to experience and exposure, seizing the synchronistic connections and resulting opportunities that come her way.

Ah, it’s a beautiful way to live: curious, full of wonder, moving forward. And I’m on the edge of my chair to know your synchronicity story. Share it here, and take care!