Synchronicities, and expecting less!

It’s been a good week, with countless little synchronistic surprises that seem memorable at first and then disappear into the ever-titillating spicy stew of 21st Century stimuli! You know how it is: non-stop, action-packed MODERN LIFE! My friend Nancy suggested that this might be an opportune moment to reconnect my readers to their New Year’s resolutions, all those healthy pacts we made with our deepest, wisest selves a few weeks ago, often without the benefit of a cheering section in force on the sidelines, a raucous tailgate party in which we’re the pro to watch and, you know… 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?! TERESA! [Your Name Here!] Soooo in this moment, consider yourself cheered! Whatever it is that energizes you despite your fears, that moves you forward in ways that are sustainable and thus really support you, do it, keep doing it, and, if you’d like to, share it with me here. 

Nancy wrote just as I offered my Chinese New Year post, grokking the family traditions of my local friends Thanh and Tom, whose Vietnamese families are seriously into Chinese New Year, all workaholic tendencies temporarily suspended and family fun and relaxation front and center for the glorious red and gold pageantry of celebration. I walked out into the sunlight after writing late on New Year’s Eve to find that the pre-kindergarteners at MUSE School were into it, too, playing dragons on the playground with pretty chopstick hairpins in their ponytails, learning words about the holiday in Mandarin. Beautiful!

And my friends at Next Element are at their evolutionary work–I’ve dubbed it that–offering spare, seasoned insights into game-changing personal effectiveness. I’d gotten a blog post update from their site titled Want vs. Expect that I re-read yesterday, spending a flash of time opening my heart and mind to it. I used what was there, applying it directly like a cooling salve to what was irritating me, then completed the week the way I would want to and stopped at one of my favorite thrift stores while meandering home. I snapped the phone photo below of a print I saw there, a synchronistic little amuse bouche. Kevin said, “why didn’t you buy it?” I don’t know; I guess I already own it, in my heart.

I’ll leave you with that as I ease into a SoCal winter weekend that feels like Spring, thinking about music and all the fascinating children and young people who are singing and playing with me this season, while my own sons make their way in the world their way with our particular family brand of intensity and periodically take time to update me, tutor me, move me, and make me laugh uncontrollably. And if you have synchronistic, inspiring or beautiful experiences to share, please do, and take care!