Happy New Year!

Dear friends who celebrate Chinese New Year are sharing rituals with me that feel like keepers:  cleaning house physically and symbolically in preparation for the New Year, giving gifts to family members and friends younger than themselves to attract prosperity, even carefully considering what they do and don’t do on the first day of the year as an indication of how the year will go. It’s a work day for me, and I’ll do what I regularly do, strive to make it beautiful.

And yes, I know strive feels odd juxtaposed with beautiful. Just like working rather than playing has connotations similar to practicing rather than playing music. Not necessarily fun. But on this Chinese New Year’s Day I’ll suggest that it’s all about our approach, our attitude, in which our language has power and the way we think about and characterize what we do creates our experience. Work can in fact be fun, right? Inspiring. Riveting. Yes! Put that idea in your pipe and smoke it on New Year’s Day! Put it in your bell, and ring it! 

And for those of us who love what we do, yet routinely over-work, this is an auspicious moment to consider how we work, as in however our day goes, thus goes our year. So here’s to a beautiful Monday, January 23rd, Chinese New Year’s Day, in the Year of the Dragon. Let’s have a fine day and night, staying relaxed and creative, appreciating all the fascinating people around us, and eating, working, playing, loving, and resting well. Aren’t you jazzed by the idea that, in the process, we’re sketching the form of and applying great colors to our next beautiful year?

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