10 beautiful New Year’s resolutions, part 2…

6.  When worthwhile organizations ask you for money, consider a habit of yes The mojo is in the yes, not the amount. It will give you a great feeling; it will help change the world. We have critical, collective 21st Century work to do, and there are passionate people, collaboratives and institutions on the job! Help as you can, and THANK YOU for your committed work. Consider these outstanding organizations if you haven’t completed your year-end good deeds. Learn more about them on my “Beautiful Organizations” page. But first read the resolutions below in case one is right for you!


7.  Ask for help, effectively.  Props for this little wisdom gem go to some spectacular Process Communication Model training I recently received. Think about it:  you know your strengths, what you do well and have covered, and you know your needs. Get them met. Ask for help effectively as a primary step in that direction. And let me know how it goes, as one grand New Year’s experiment in radical-self-care-meets-personal-effectiveness.

8.  Build relationships.  (It’s really all about relationships, isn’t it?) Take time to nurture the ones you have, relishing the continuity of knowing and being known deeply by beloved others. And cultivate new ones as pleasures to be slowly explored in the New Year.

9.  Keep a synchronicity journal.  In an earlier post I defined synchronicity as the experience of two or more events, apparently not causally related, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful way. I’ve been fascinated by the concept since I encountered it as a young adult, and my life has been redolent with it. Quoting myself:

You know those intriguing series of events that give you a little wave of chills? That’s synchronicity. The juicy coincidences that you couldn’t have engineered, no matter how clever you are? Yep, synchronicity.

The synchronicities that occur in my life are gauze-covered portals, areas of mystery that I won’t solve and don’t care to, where my agnosticism, existentialism, spirituality, and lived experience all meet in spine-tingling events and interactions. I finally want to write about them. Join me, and share!

10.  Love your body. Love yourself.  Do you take extraordinary care of your children? Your pet or your car? Your flowers, or other prized projects or possessions? Employees? Clients? Students? Records? Whatever you handle reverently, make it your model for radically nurturing selfcare this year. You’re beautiful. Say it! Live it! And keep me posted!