10 beautiful New Year’s resolutions, part 1…

1.  Smile!  It’s contagious. And the possible resolutions below could help you feel like it.

2.  Be here, in the precious, irrepeatable present, not in the past or the future.  This radical practice lessens worry and regret exponentially. Just keep bringing your thought process back to now. It’s BIG MEDICINE. Pass it on.

3.  Trust your slow growth.  I don’t believe in over-night transformations or sudden insights that change us forever. I do believe we develop slowly, week by week, season by season, until a moment comes when we realize we’ve just tiptoed over or done a regular day’s work to arrive at what was once an it-would-take-a miracle milestone. Slow growth. Like slow cooking, it’s a gradual build-up of delicious results that you can count on. 

4.  Spend an hour a day at your primary life-enrichment goal.  Whether the hour is to learn an instrument, volunteer time to a great cause (you can do a lot these days without leaving the house), play with your child, develop your palette for tasting wines, or map out a new business venture, create space for it every day–or night–as an enjoyable priority.

And here’s the kicker:  if you know that isn’t going to happen, reflect on why. Maybe the goal is actually a habitual old idea that isn’t important to you now. Consider surrendering it as a New Year’s liberation, opening your life to new goals. Remember, slow growth. Maybe you’re ready to let it go. On the other hand, if the goal is important and you know you won’t get to it, there’s more to reflect on, yes? Like maybe changing your life.

5.  Change your life.  Ha! But seriously. We’re living in the 3rd Millennium! It’s easy to forget that our species has never been here before, with such opportunities for our lives to be beautifully unpredictable journeys of discovery. If your daily round isn’t satisfying, set about changing it. And if you’re focused on now, what are the first steps to the kind of balance that supports satisfying daily pursuits? Daydream about it. Be curious. Watch for juicy coincidences. And let me know what comes up!
                                               to be continued, VERY soon…