Healthy and delicious in L.A….

I’m jazzed about the latest L.A. Magazine’s food focus because it manages to be both very local–WHERE TO GET THE GOOD STUFF: A FARMERS’ MARKET SPECIAL”–and applicable anywhere, featuring right-now, increasingly conscious eating and gardening practices. Take a look when you can. $9 a year for the digital version is amazing.

The article on a new book about The Doors is intriguing, too, and there’s a very wise little parenting piece called “Happy Feat” with a theme that’s much bigger than food. I’ve asked author Anne Taylor Fleming to put it on her website, and hopefully I can share a link with you soon. 

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you this: taking the time to just read a magazine is new and radical for me, and very meditative. Try it if you’re a workaholic like I am, engaged in constant overlapping creative obsessions:  just chill for a while, reading for no particular purpose other than some daydreaming time. And play with a child, as in really play. Make a call to someone dear to you without worrying about the clock. Stretch, take a bath, have a few perfect bites of something wonderful. Listen to–or play–something exquisite. Spend a little while on whatever inspires and energizes you. THEN jump into the fray again; it’ll be there!