And so to begin…

In this seminal post I’m concerned with happiness. It’s a subject I think about a lot, and that’s not new for me. During a particularly chaotic time in my life I remember sharing with my oldest son heading off to college that my fundamental wish for him was the capacity for happiness. I still feel that, for all three of my now grown sons passionately pursuing their creative obsessions, and for everybody I care about and love.

The capacity for happiness. It feels like soothing balm and a heady challenge, yes? Something relaxes inside us at the thought of happiness as here, now, ever ready for us to open to, reach for or flat-out declare ours and engage in as an energizing pursuit! We feel a flash of insight and delight at the thought that the capacity for happiness isn’t contained in or determined by our ambitions, plans, or circumstances.

I’ll touch on this relaxing topic again in future posts. Meanwhile, here’s a little light nourishment for the sometimes too serious beings that we are: 

In this moment I’m just here,
just now.
Will the world turn
wrongly if I breathe deeply
and shift all those hard-working mental gears
that run in me—that think they run the show
to this one sweet agenda:
to re-taste the open mistiness of childhood,
going with the flow,
d-d-d-d-dreeeeeaming my way?
No! The world can take it!
Let’s get going
in this free and easy, breezy way
and enJOY this irrepeatible day.