About Teresa

Teresa & son Aaron in beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Teresa and eldest son Aaron Young in beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I started out expressing my passionate nature as a musician/composer, writer/poet, and educator after growing up in the southern U.S.

A little later, living in Connecticut and raising my three sons, I followed my emerging passions for adult development and holistic health by completing a 3-year certificate program in energy medicine. Many of my colleagues went into hands-on healing work; I hung out my shingle as a holistic coach and began having empowering conversations. It’s a natural expression of me in the world, like making music and teaching it.


Before I moved to Los Angeles in 2004, friends predicted I’d either love SoCal living or hate it. I was prepared for either, but not for finding out that I’d never fit in anywhere like this before!

Jazzed by the everyone’s-hustling-for-their-dream vibe, I pursued my arts passions first, as development director of an architecture studio, musician and music teacher, and arts consultant.

I coached in the margins and slowly crafted my own “left coast lifestyle.”

In 2014, life presented me with several great clients at once, and it was time for the pendulum to swing back again.

So in my own continuous creative process, I’m currently becoming certified through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, or iPEC. It’s the finest coaching certification program in the world.

So now, in addition to the music-making and music teaching that brings me such joy, I also coach—with a nurturing approach—musicians, artists, writers, and other restless creative spirits in the pursuit of their passions.

Explore my COACHING SERVICES here, and REQUEST INFO here. It’s all good!



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