Me, amazed by a venerable tree in an Old Pasadena neighborhood, taken by John Livzey

Me, amazed by a tree in Old Pasadena — by John Livzey

I’m a musician/composer, teacher, writer, arts consultant, mom of three wild, wonderful sons, wife to Kevin, and “Nana” to the sweetest baby girl in New York. My avocations include food, holistic health, Jungian psychology, and the deliciously contradictory realms of the existential and the mystical.

My primary mentor in my core practice of thinking about living is my artist/musician/fitness-guru father. And my “student of life” lens contains two other core elements, both my creative mother’s mark on me: hunger for beauty in all its forms, and intense drive with which to pursue my passions. Welcome to my blog, one enjoyable way in which I do so!


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